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USAEBN Logo 2016

The USAEBN Lighthouse is a 24 hour Emergency Operations Center, staffed by volunteers nationwide. Staff monitors the internet, local conditions and verified sources for emergency information and when an incident begins to develop, the incident commander is notified, who will review the incident and make the determination if preparedness and recovery information should be develop and broadcasted.

“Similar to the lighthouse of old, USAEBN Lighthouse can be your guiding light to safety, in the 21st century!” is the motto of this Emergency Operations Center and all staff understands that we are not here to determine how or why and incident happen, but to inform the populace about how to prepare for and recover from any incident.

After any activation / incident the lighthouse staff prepares an After Action Report (AAR), and it is determined both the strong and weak points of the incident and corrective action is determined and implemented. This AAR is shared with all invested parties.

The Lightouse Briefing Room, will be the location to find all the current reports that may be effecting your community.