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The USAEBN Network is an American Readiness Community Organization, designed to assist government, and non-government organizations, local businesses and the American citizen to prepare for and recover from disasters (Natural, Man-Made and Personal), and mitigate industrial accidents.


The USAEBN Network accomplishes this mission by providing non-political, non-biased information, equipment and formal education, via the newest technologies, to include Internet, social media, digital broadcasting and mobile applications.


Our professional, volunteer staff brings their training and experiences to the network in order to inform the general public and businesses, how to prepare for and respond to any type of emergency they might face. We are able to accomplish this mission by focusing on five areas, Community Readiness (Community Outreach), The USAEBN SafetyNet (Industrial Safety Consultants), The USAEBN Prep Academy (An online educational academy), The Marketplace (an online e-commerce solution) and the USAEBN-DB (A 24 hour digital broadcasting station).


The USAEBN Network main mission is to save lives. Our staff includes professionals who have worked for or worked with Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, US Census bureau, OSHA, MSHA, Postal Service, Department of Justice, Department of Defense and various local Police and Fire Departments. We come together to provide our experiences and training to ensure America survives the next emergency with minimum loss of life.  


During any type of disaster, relief organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA will not be able to get to you for a few days, so it is up to the individual to prepare for his family during times of crises. The need to educate the public on the basic of Disaster Preparedness is critical. It is not up to the government alone to provide this information, but local communities and business must step up to the plate and help educate the local populace.


Our Motto is:

Disaster Preparedness is as Simple as A-B-C

A - Always be informed by listening to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network

B - Build a Disaster Kit

C- Create a Family Emergency Plan