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The 21st century, thus far, as turned out to be one emergency after another; 911 attacks, Anthrax attack, Katrina, Hugo, Andrew, tornadoes in the mid-west, Washington DC earthquake and now Super storm Sandy. It has not only tested but has made it painfully evident that American Readiness to these disasters is inadequate at best, especially when it come down to communications. One of the major problems with our readiness program is the lack of communications between first responders, and the general public, as evident with the 911 system collapse during the Washington DC earthquake and the almost failure of the 911 system during Hurricane Sandy.

Common Sense Preparedness Digital Broadcasting has teamed up with other emergency organizations (government and non-government) to create a new informational source that will bring the American population reliable, verifiable emergency information. This new endeavor is called USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.

Common Sense Preparedness will be the flagship of this new network and we will bring you the information that is needed during times of disasters. As usual we will not talk politics or conspiracy theories, there is too much propaganda out there already. We will focus on information that will help you prepare for and respond to any type of disaster that you might face, natural, man-made or personal.

During times of disaster USA Emergency Broadcasting Network will operate a Virtual Emergency Operational Center in order to receive and distribute emergency information to the general public. A live / pre-recorded radio station will also be broadcasting this information and can be found on various internet radio sites and our web site,

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network will bring you professionals from across this nation, in order to ensure the information that you are receiving is the best out there. 

For more information you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Here are 10 Good Reason to advertise

My store has been here forever...  Everybody knows about us...  We’re doing just fine without advertising...  I have such a great location, I don’t need to advertise...  Don’t kid yourself.  It’s virtually impossible to build a successful businesses without advertising.  There are many good reasons to advertise, including attracting new customers, increasing sales and business growth.  Below we present 10 of the best (courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau).

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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network updates its demographics on a monthly basis. Our demographics are combinations of sources that help the advertiser direct their marketing approach. 

Currently our marketing is showing great penetration in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic Regions, but we still maintain a present in all the regions of the US.


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FEMA's National Preparedness Coalition's  inauguration newsletter issue (Jan 17, 2014) spotlighted Tim Howard, President of USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.  "It is a great honor to know big league agencies, like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, are taking notice of USAEBN. That means we are doing something right!" said Mr. Howard.


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Nowadays there are all sorts of people out there giving out advice on how to survive. They come from all walks of life, preachers, educators, writers and housewives. Dose this makes them qualified in disaster preparedness? If you need to prepare for any type of emergency you want someone who has been in the field, have treated the wounded, given CPR, someone who knows what it means to be in a disaster.

Mr. Tim Howard has been in the Disaster Preparedness field since 1985.  He has been involved with conflicts and disasters to include Panama invasion, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, 911 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. 

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The combination of radio and the internet is powerful.  Digital Broadcasting format offers advertisers an opportunity to reach the listener at their computer where information received can be acted on immediately.  The online radio audience is growing at a rapid pace and it is estimated that over 80 million people* are active listeners to online radio.  These facts, combined with the interactive capabilities of online radio players, present a multi-sensory experience which can be leveraged by advertisers.