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The combination of radio and the internet is powerful.  Digital Broadcasting format offers advertisers an opportunity to reach the listener at their computer where information received can be acted on immediately.  The online radio audience is growing at a rapid pace and it is estimated that over 80 million people* are active listeners to online radio.  These facts, combined with the interactive capabilities of online radio players, present a multi-sensory experience which can be leveraged by advertisers.

Common Sense Preparedness leverages its foundation in the Digital Broadcasting network to help clients expand into online radio.  We provide a simple, unified solution to advertisers that can be customized to their needs based on product placement and name recognition.

Advertisers can utilize our online radio solutions independently or as part of a broader strategy that includes traditional network radio.


Online radio advantages:

  • Rapidly growing audience
  • Direct response
  • Precise Tracking
  • Immediacy
  • Flexibility
  • Interactive
  • Reach at work
  • Synchronized audio ads and visual banners

Report: Online Radio

According to Arbitron & Edison Media, online radio:

  • Attracts an upscale, well-educated and employed audience
  • 14% of listeners are in the prime 18-49 age group
  • Reaches one in five 18-54 year olds per week.
  • As broadband penetration increases, so does consumers' time spent online, making internet advertising an integral part of any marketing plan.


Arbitron's Radio Today (2009) reports this about the News/Talk/Information (N/T/I) format:

  • It’s the #1 format nationally
  • More than 75% of listeners have attended or graduated from college
  • 64% of listeners reside in households earning at least $50,000 per year
  • 40% of listeners live in households generating $75,000 or more


In general, listeners are involved online more than the average consumer. The investment in learning among listeners has a correlating payoff in purchasing power.


Live and on-demand streaming radio delivers the entertainment value of conventional media outlets like television or radio, only more readily, by means of search engine connectivity. Media distribution is no longer about reaching the masses, but rather, the masses reaching the media.


The Interactive Advertising Outlook from IAB reports that consumers want the Internet to be ad-supported.


  • 67% of US consumers ages 25-34 and 75% of consumers aged 13-24 would "be willing to be exposed to online ads in exchange for free content."
  • 66% of all Internet users would click on more online ads if they were better targeted to them. (Deloitte)
  • For both mobile and PC video, 70% of consumers prefer ad-supported models over consumer-paid models. (IBM study across 6 major international markets)


"Interactive advertising continues to demonstrate year over year growth as marketers and consumers increase their embrace of digital media. The essentially flat performance we see quarter to quarter reflects in part cyclical advertising trends. Compared to the trajectory in other media and in the general economy, interactive has outperformed because it delivers a level of accountability unmatched by any other advertising medium." —Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB