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A community prepared for any type of emergency, with knowledge and vital information, is a community that will recover from a disaster quicker and cost effectively. Injuries and mortality rates are also drastically decreased and community involvement becomes very strong.

This can be accomplished with a professional approach to community preparedness. Due to current budget constraints, facing all US jurisdictions, community preparedness is usually the first item that suffers from budget constraints or lack of staff. USA Emergency Broadcasting Network can help bridge this gap.  USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is developing a community preparedness outreach program called “Community Readiness”. 

This pilot program will be focused on delivering readiness and recovery information to all areas across the nation and in particular to organizations who wish to utilize this program. The Community Readiness team will monitor informational websites for organizations like FEMA, CDC, National Weather Service, USFA, USGS, NOAA and The Red Cross for information and develop articles, podcasts and online training courses. 

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is a civilian readiness organization that has taken on the responsibility to provide a professional preparedness outreach program, during these times of budgetary crises. USAEBN offers free informational services without contract or profit motivation. Our company mission statement simple states: to save lives with professional readiness information. 

The Community Readiness Outreach program is designed to better prepare the community at large which includes private citizens, businesses and organizations. This will be accomplished by utilizing technological advances available to the general population which includes mobile phones, internet, social media and emails. 

The community readiness outreach program will not only inform the general population about readiness and recovery options, but we will also produce easy to use on-line training and on-site lectures, plus web based conferences all intended to increase awareness and better prepare the nation for any type of disaster that we might face in the 21st century, Natural, man-made or Medical.


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The other day it was request that USA Emergency Broadcasting Network look into ways the deaf or hard of hearing community could be made aware in case of emergencies. This request was being made by a member of this community through a sign language specialist.

Well USA Emergency Broadcasting Network has taken up to research and will be publishing all the information that we can find to assist this part of our community with the needed information.

Here is some information coming out of FEMA regarding a joint venture between FEMA and NPR (National Public Radio) on way they are addressing the situation.

If you know of anyone that is deaf or hard of hearing, please share this information with them.

For More Information and full report please visit USA Emergency Broadcasting Network at