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20200928 1803531 1625906183USAEBN, an Arizona Non-profit organization, has developed The Ice Cream And Refreshments (ICAR snack shack). The ICAR is designed to bring back the neighborhood Ice Cream Truck, of old, but yet make a positive impact on the neighborhoods we serve.


Being a nonprofit organization, our operations depends on the small profit we receive and donations. With that being said, we might not be the prettiest truck on the road, but we are doing our best as funds become available. However we are out there doing our best to enhance both the children and the parents ice cream experience.  


All our products are under $3.00, so all the kids can afford to purchase something.  We offer ice creams, popsicles, soda, candy, cookies, pickles, chips and snow cones. More products are added as vendor sources are found.


The USAEBN ICAR brings much more than ice cream to the children. We have developed the Question of the week program, where children can win a free snow cone by answering a question for their grade level. These questions cover a range of subjects, American history, mathematics, fire safety, basic first aid and civics.


Now not only do we try to help the children, but we also help the parents. The grown-ups should find some enjoyment with the ICAR. The first thing the parents will like is the price. Everything on the truck is only $1.00. Now we also make that easy to pay. We accept cash, credit/debit cards. PayPal, bitcoin, cash app and Zelle payments. The only thing we ask is that because of the bank service fees associated with transactions, we request a minimum purchase of $5.00 when using a debit/credit card, this way we can absorb the transaction fees.


The USAEBN ICAR will also display local and emergency information on the truck to help inform the parents of situations and upcoming safety events in the local community. During the Wildfires of 21, our community information board was able to assist families with current information and evacuation points.


Thank you for taking the time to meet us and come enjoy some tasty treats. Not in the mood for treats, then enjoy the music and a friendly wave is all we ask for.


Have a safety and enjoyable day.