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 USA Emergency Broadcasting Network was re-organized in 2016 in order to accomplish our every changing mission 

Digital Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting

Andre (Sit Prep and Gear to survive)

Marc (Gear to survive)

Zona (Basic Prep) as he can

CS21 (Matt and Tim) on hold

Common Sense Preparedness (Tim) monthly podcasts

Patriot Pub (In development) Host Matt

Financial Preparedness (Computer Generated)

Lighthouse Briefing Room (Computer Generated) formally known as the news hour


1. Computer Generated means that I write the article and then have the computer voice speak the article for a show.


Director: Open

A. Director: Open

Digital Media

Social Media Manager

Marketing Manager: Open

Website Manager

Newsletter Manager

Public Relations Manager

Client Releations Manager

Event Manager: Open

USAEBN Prep Academy

USAEBN Prep Academy

Our online educational portal.

Director: Deseree Skelton

Instructor: Tim Howard

Instructor: Jonathan Skelton

Instructor: Open


Marketplace (Currently off line)


Safety - Net 



Lead Inspector

Community Readiness

Director Tim Howard

USAEBN Lighthouse

Lighthouse Keeper: Tim Howard. 

Reporter: Joel Vail

Reporter: Starr DiGiacomo

Mobile Application:

Manager: TJ Howard

Disaster and Recovery Teams (DART)


Operations Director

Finance Manager

Assets Manager

Tax Advisor

Grant Writer


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Lighthouse Logo copy


The USAEBN Lighthouse is a 24 hour Emergency Operations Center, staffed by volunteers nationwide. Staff monitors the internet, local conditions and verified sources for emergency information and when an incident begins to develop, the incident commander is notified, who will review the incident and make the determination if preparedness and recovery information should be develop and broadcasted.

“Similar to the lighthouse of old, USAEBN Lighthouse can be your guiding light to safety, in the 21stcentury!” is the motto of this Emergency Operations Center and all staff understands that we are not here to determine how or why and incident happen, but to inform the populace about how to prepare for and recover from any incident.

After any activation / incident the lighthouse staff prepares an After Action Report (AAR), and it is determined both the strong and weak points of the incident and corrective action is determined and implemented. This AAR is shared with all invested parties and stakeholders.

The Lightouse Briefing Room, will be the location to find all the current reports that may be effecting your community. 

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Head shot TJHNowadays there are all sorts of people out there giving out advice on how to survive. They come from all walks of life, preachers, educators, writers and housewives. Dose this makes them qualified in disaster preparedness? If you need to prepare for any type of emergency you want someone who has been in the field, have treated the wounded, given CPR, someone who knows what it means to be in a disaster.

Mr. Tim Howard has been in the Disaster Preparedness field since 1985.  He has been involved with conflicts and disasters to include Panama invasion, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, 911 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. 

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USAEBN Logo 2016In today's troubling, fast - paced times, where can you turn to in order to learn about things that could affect you or your loved ones. Home fires, utility shut offs, evacuations, or hurricane preparedness, tornados, earthquakes, or what about how to save money at the gas pump, what to do in case you lose your job?

Local colleges and emergency departments, don't have time to hold class, on your schedule and if you turn to the internet, then you will be bombarded with the radical fear for profit end of the world; the government is coming for your freedoms groups who want nothing more to do then to get you to believe whatever crazy idea they have that week.

Neither one of these groups are able to help you prepare you and your family about all the real dangers we are facing in the 21st century. And they certainly do not do it when you have the time to learn about it.

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The 21st century, thus far, as turned out to be one emergency after another; 911 attacks, Anthrax attack, Katrina, Hugo, Andrew, tornadoes in the mid-west, Washington DC earthquake and now Super storm Sandy. It has not only tested but has made it painfully evident that American Readiness to these disasters is inadequate at best, especially when it come down to communications. One of the major problems with our readiness program is the lack of communications between first responders, and the general public, as evident with the 911 system collapse during the Washington DC earthquake and the almost failure of the 911 system during Hurricane Sandy.

Common Sense Preparedness Digital Broadcasting has teamed up with other emergency organizations (government and non-government) to create a new informational source that will bring the American population reliable, verifiable emergency information. This new endeavor is called USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.