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Staff Briefing 2019 4th Quarter




Current Events

It is with great sorrow, that I must informed everyone that one of our staff members, Kevin Leonard, passed away on July 3, 2019.

  • Most were informed via my Facebook feed
  • Kevin was not only my big brother, but he was one of our biggest fans. He was my muse on a lot of USAEBN Matters.
  • Here is his official last call from duty.


Aunt Betty’s Attic Muse

  • Betty Hennessey, the muse for our digital broadcasting show Aunt Betty’s attic, passed away on Nov. 25, 2019.
  • She was 96 years old.
  • She will be missed, but our show will help keep her memory alive.
  • Opened satellite USAEBN offices in Washington, DC and Oklahoma City, OK.

Main office moved from Miami, AZ to Claypool, AZ.

This provides me with a recording studio

Prep Academy open and accepting students

Holiday Season Programming

  • Thanksgiving Safety
  • Food Illness Readiness
  • Influenza Readiness
  • Christmas Safety
  • Winter Weather Readiness


  • Creating SafetyNet courses
  • Creating Webinars (ComReady)
  • DART Team Training
  • Creating USAEBN Video Recruitment
  • USAEBN Ads
  • DB program Ads


Digital Broadcasting

Digital Broadcasting Mission

  • To broadcast emergency readiness information via talk radio programs, webinars, and online presentations
  • Advertisements will be sold to the general public.


All radio operations are now on the USAEBN Website.

Refocusing the Digital Broadcasting to be on our website and to include video podcasts and webinars.



Lighthouse Mission

A website on the site that will be a portal of emergency information divided into regional and individual state pages.

  • Regional Pages
    • These pages will consist of live updated online monitors for weather, river levels and radiation levels.
  • State Pages
    • These pages will consist of monitors for individuals states and web links to Hospitals, emergency services, Government entities and Transportation services.


Project online but in need of help.

Inputting web links and monitoring the site.

Newest Staff Member assigned to project Ezra Howard.



Community Readiness

The Non-Profit division of our organization.

This division is responsible for conducting community awareness classes, in the local communities and online via the Prep Academy / webinars.

Preparing for submission to IRS for 501C3 Status.

Documentation requirements, published on the USAEBN Digital Office

USAEBN Articles of Organizations

USAEBN ComReady By-Laws

Beginning in 2020, quarterly staff meeting will be required.

Time tracking is also required under the USAEBN Bylaws


ComReady Tour 2020

  • CPR / AED
  • Home Fire Safety
  • Home Readiness
  • Hurricane Readiness
  • Terrorism Readiness (Active Shooter)
  • Pandemic Awareness
  • Home Medical Readiness 


Southern Gila County CERT Team

Globe HS CERT Team


Community Readiness (income)

Since ComReady is our non-profit division, it will be soley financed by grants.

Any grants ideas or assistance will be accepted


Prep Academy

Online and conducting classes via webinar and on site.


Courses dividend categories

  • CR Community Readiness
  • SN Safetynet Courses (OSHA / Industrial Safety)
  • DM Digtital Marketing (Staff Only)
  • MG Management Training
  • ST Staff Training


All Courses are free of charge and certificates will be issued for all employees.

Safetynet employees will be required to attend courses and be currently certified.

All staff members are encouraged to promote these courses. Local courses can be provided as funded is available.


Safety Net

In Search of clients.

Website up and running

SafetyNet is a complete OSHA health and safety consultant firm.

Hire by the hour or by the program, which is listed on the SafetyNet web pages.


SN Marketplace

OFFLINE, under construction

Manager Selection is Deseree Skelton




A place where projects are managed, time sheets are filled out and online account information is kept.

Timesheets are needed to track our time spent on projects, in order for USAEBN to bid future projects more accurately

As funding becomes available this is how we will get paid


USAEBN Telephone System 888.239.6933 ( wowed)


All staff members have access to an extension.


All calls to you extension will be forwarded to your phone.

Cost is per minute, so be brief.


USAEBN Email system.

All staff members have a address.

Contact me to set up



SafetyNet is now a fully service safety consultant business.

Hourly rate is $120 per hour, Industry average is $260 per hour

Prep Academy is online and average charge is $35 per class

Working on IRS 501(c ) 3 status. Once obtained multiple grants will be forth coming.


Social Media

Currently deploying both video and Infographics

Revamping Pearls of Wisdom.

Need person to develop future POW and be responsible for uploading to social network.

Main Advertising will be completed via these outlets.


Upcoming Goals

Programs in work

  • School Safety
  • Active Shooter Readiness
  • Holiday safety Programs
  • Food Safety Programs
  • Hurricane Response (DART)


Thank You for Attending.


This is the staff Briefing 


Please leave comments below or email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)