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USAEBN Logo 2016In today's troubling, fast - paced times, where can you turn to in order to learn about things that could affect you or your loved ones. Home fires, utility shut offs, evacuations, or hurricane preparedness, tornados, earthquakes, or what about how to save money at the gas pump, what to do in case you lose your job?

Local colleges and emergency departments, don't have time to hold class, on your schedule and if you turn to the internet, then you will be bombarded with the radical fear for profit end of the world; the government is coming for your freedoms groups who want nothing more to do then to get you to believe whatever crazy idea they have that week.

Neither one of these groups are able to help you prepare you and your family about all the real dangers we are facing in the 21st century. And they certainly do not do it when you have the time to learn about it.


Well USA Emergency Broadcasting Network has developed the USAEBN Prep Academy, in order to help you educate yourself on subjects that matter. We do this not to make money, but to save lives. We are professionals, firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, and industrial safety officers.

Who is better equipped to teach you about things that you will experience in a fire then someone who has been in a fire, many, many times.

The Prep Academy will offer three types of classes for each subject, a free awareness course made up of videos and information found on the web. A basic certification course, that will cost $24.99, but will train you on how to prepare, plan, respond and recover for disaster that you might face. A advanced course that will dive deep into subject matters, helping you understand the reasons behind subjects, like why a fire is created and how to remove an individual cause to put out the fire. The advance course will be a certified course and will cost a low fee of $59.99. Industrial training can be accomplished for less $150 per course.

In order to ensure that you can accomplish these lifesaving courses, all of our courses will be self-paced, and internet based courses. Which means that you can access the course material 24 hours a day. Plus the Prep Academy can be access via your computer, or any of your mobile devices.

Come try out the Prep Academy, by taking one of the free courses offered. It will cost you nothing and you will learn some very valuable information. Prep Academy Link


USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is a American Readiness Network, designed to assist government , non-government, and the American Citizen to prepare for and recover from disasters, Natural, Man-made and personal.

During any type of disaster, relief organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA will not be able to get to you for a few days, so it is up to the individual to prepare for his family during times of crises. The need to educate the public on the basic of Disaster Preparedness is critical. It is not up to the government alone to provide this information, but local communities and business must step up to the plate and help educate the local populace.

The USAEBN Network accomplishes this mission by providing non-political, non-biased preparedness information, equipment and formal education, via the newest technologies, to include Internet, social media, digital broadcasting and mobile application.

The staff of USAEBN volunteers their time, training and experiences in order to provide the American public and businesses the best, field tested readiness information available.  Most of the USAEBN staff is trained emergency responders, who have been in the field and has seen firsthand, what works and what does not.

Our professional, volunteer staff brings their training and experiences to the network in order to inform the general public, how to prepare for and respond to any type of emergency they might face.