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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network has received a letter of appreciation from a member of the United States Congress for the work we have done in 2013.


"This has to be the biggest feather in our cap. USAEBN was started because we saw a need for disaster preparedness in the community, we analyzed the problem, came up with a game plan and executed the plan. It has been a very bumpy road, the lack of funds, lack of sponsorships, not knowing all the ins and out of broadcasting, etc. This award is like a carrot, it let us know that people in all walks of life are listening and they like what they are hearing and seeing" stated Mr. Timothy Howard, President of USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.


The network has accomplished a lot during their first year, appearing on the Glen Beck show, all the numerous speaking engagements and directly reaching over 250,000 listeners. 2014 is not going to be any different. The network is looking to expand its mobile network by offering personal emergency communication plans for  the general public. Building and opening the  Virtual Academy, and expanding the USAEBN Marketplace. 


New shows, new marketplace items, new avenues to communicate and most of all the most reliable, verifiable emergency information available on the net.


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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network has opened up some Sponsorship and Commercial opportunities. Due to the current economy situation we are offer these opportunities as low as $25. Help us get the life safety message out to millions of listeners. For more information visit

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