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FEMA's National Preparedness Coalition's  inauguration newsletter issue (Jan 17, 2014) spotlighted Tim Howard, President of USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.  "It is a great honor to know big league agencies, like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, are taking notice of USAEBN. That means we are doing something right!" said Mr. Howard.


"USA Emergency Broadcasting Network was developed in order to provide a communication network that delivers reliable and verifiable emergency information to the general public, without the red tape. Being a non-government organization, we are free to bring more field tested information to the public, quicker then government agencies. We do rely on government and non-government agencies for information and we just give it a sprinkle of field experience and then deliver it to the general public. All this will hopefully save lives during disasters." Mr. Howard also stated.

About Tim Howard

Mr. Tim Howard has been in the Disaster Preparedness field since 1985.  He has been involved with conflicts and disasters to include Panama invasion, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, 911 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. 


Tim’s career has taken him throughout the world. His experience and leadership has been called upon for some very important project. Within weeks after the 911 Attacks the US Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, recruited him to help form the US Department of Homeland Security. Tim has been consulted by federal, state and local governments on matters of preparedness and safety. Mr. Howard currently uses his leadership as the Chairman of the Arizona Federal Health and Safety Council and is the President of the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.


Mr. Howard developed the radio talk show Common Sense Preparedness not to increase fears, or sell a product, but to bring you reliable facts about disasters, Natural, man-made and personal. This non-political talk show became one of the top rated talk show about preparedness within 24 months. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Common Sense Preparedness was able to provide up to the minute emergency information to the general public and directly assisted over 12 families in the disaster area with information and communication links to other family members. Due to this incident Mr. Howard then turned his attention on developing an internet Radio Network that would be there to educate the general public about disasters and be able to bring government and non-government organizations together to provide up to the minute information during time of disasters.


USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is fast becoming the only reliable, variable disaster information source on the internet.  Instead of covering items that are based in propaganda or fear, the network brings you information on how to manage a disaster for a family. Mr. Howard has been able to bring professional responders from all over the field, Law Enforcement, NOAA Storm Spotters, Government Officials, food safety professionals, firefighters and construction professionals to the radio network in order to give professional advice and education to the general public



About USA Emergency Broadcasting Network

The 21st century, thus far, as turned out to be one emergency after another; 911 attacks, Anthrax attack, Katrina, Hugo, Andrew, tornadoes in the mid-west, Washington DC earthquake and now Super storm Sandy. It has not only tested but has made it painfully evident that American Readiness to these disasters is inadequate at best, especially when it come down to communications. One of the major problems with our readiness program is the lack of communications between first responders, and the general public, as evident with the 911 system collapse during the Washington DC earthquake and the almost failure of the 911 system during Hurricane Sandy.

Common Sense Preparedness Digital Broadcasting has teamed up with other emergency organizations (government and non-government) to create a new informational source that will bring the American population reliable, verifiable emergency information. This new endeavor is called USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.

Common Sense Preparedness will be the flagship of this new network and we will bring you the information that is needed during times of disasters. As usual we will not talk politics or conspiracy theories, there is too much propaganda out there already. We will focus on information that will help you prepare for and respond to any type of disaster that you might face, natural, man-made or personal.

During times of disaster USA Emergency Broadcasting Network will operate a Virtual Emergency Operational Center in order to receive and distribute emergency information to the general public. A live / pre-recorded radio station will also be broadcasting this information and can be found on various internet radio sites and our web site,



A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.

Listen to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network – An American Readiness Program at


In order to save as many lives as we can please pass this information around, link to our site, whatever you need to do to share this information. USA Emergency Broadcasting Network’s Mission is to save lives, so together we can save lives.


Remember: Research everything before you believe anything!!


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