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Hurricane Alert. Three named storms in the Atlantic. Major Hurricane Florence due to hit North Carolina on Friday'.



Tropical storm Florence is currently 765 miles SE of Bermuda. Moving w at 6 MPH. Due to increase to a Hurricane today and a major hurricane on Monday. Florence is suspected to make landfall in North Carolina on Friday with winds between 120 to 140.

Heavy congestion expected along evacuation corridors beginning early in the week, with road construction in some areas extending evacuation timeline
• Evacuees moving from one potentially impacted state to another can further increase congestion and slow evacuation times
• Limited lodging options expected along evacuation routes

Preparations State/Local:
• Virginia:
o VA EOC at Monitoring
o State of Emergency declared

• North Carolina:
o NC EOC at Normal Operations; increasing to Full Activation Sep 10 o State of Emergency declared

• South Carolina:
o SC EOC at Full Activation o State of Emergency declared
o Considering healthcare evacuation to begin at 12:00 p.m. EDT
o Considering coastal evacuations starting Monday morning, Sep 10

This information was received from the FEMA Daily Briefing Report, found on the USAEBN Lighthouse Briefing Room.

USAEBN Lighthouse will continue to monitor this incident and report any significant changes to you on our digital broadcasting station and website / social media outlets. For more information visit the USAEBN Lighthouse Briefing Room,

During any type of disaster, relief organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA will not be able to get to you for a few days, so it is up to the individual to prepare for his family during times of crises. The need to educate the public on the basic of Disaster Preparedness is critical. It is not up to the government alone to provide this information, but local communities and business must step up to the plate and help educate the local populace. USAEBN is a civilian based disaster readiness group, doing our part to enhance preparedness, by utilizing social media, digital broadcasting and online training in order to assist you in preparing you, your family and your community for the next disaster.

Disaster Preparedness is as Simple as A-B-C .
A - Always be informed
B - Build a Disaster Kit
C- Create a Family Emergency Plan