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The USAEBN Lighthouse staff is ready to announce that they have completed the bulk of the work to open the Lighthouse Southeast Emergency Informational Portal. 

The Lighthouse Emergency Information Portal (LEIP) is designed to give the citizen emergency and non-emergency information from their local area. This information is critical to a family trying to decide if they should shelter in place or evacuate. Where the closes hospital is and how to contact the local OEM office. 

The USAEBN Lighthouse will provide status reports or just live information on this like:

  • School Closings
  • Roadway Closures / conditions
  • Power outages
  • Transportation status
  • Public Services links
  • Live weather reports
  • Online media connections.
  • Hospital status
  • FEMA Daily operational briefing
  • Red Cross Shelter status
  • Plus much, much more

More information is being programmed in everyday.

This service is a free community readiness service. Please share this information, so we can save as many lives as we can.