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Common Sense for the 21st Century
Common Sense for the 21st Century is a fact-based show that focuses on today's concerns for the disaster preparedness-minded. Co-hosted by Tim Howard and Matt Fitzgibbons, their goal is to cover current, interesting topics and separate the truth from the outright lies.
Tim Howard is a veteran and founder of USAEBN with over 30 years experience in disaster preparedness and many government and non-government certifications. Tim is recognized as an expert in the disaster preparedness industry and has made appearances on several shows including the Glenn Beck Show. he currently hosts several shows on USAEBN including "Common Sense Preparedness".
Matt Fitzgibbons is a multi-award-winning songwriter, philosopher, historian and founder of where his goal since 2005 has been to spread his passion for the United States' founding principles and to find positive, creative ways to secure individual liberty. Matt has done hundreds of interviews nationally and internationally, writes articles, creates videos, and has hosted his own show on USAEBN called "Constitution Corner".
Matt Fitzgibbons and Tim Howard
Together, Tim and Matt cover all sides of the issues with reason and facts so their listeners can make the best decision for themselves, but they do so with very different styles that compliment and balance each other. Occasionally delving into some of the stranger ideas in the conspiracy world, they separate facts from fiction and strip them of their sensationalism, always following USAEBN's motto:

"Research everything before you believe anything."
"Common Sense for the 21st Century" or simply "CS21" can be heard right here on or at Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm EST.