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Tonight Jan. 9, 2014,@ 8pm EDT Common Sense for the 21st Century Airs on USA Emergency Broadcasting Network. click the "On Air" button to go to the live studios of USAEBN

 A show driven by facts, not politics or conspiracies. Just provable facts and common sense.

  • Show mission statement
    • Everybody has a right to their beliefs and they have the right to express them on this show. RESPECT THAT! I have fought and bleed for everyone in this country to have the right to free speech.  However most information will be debated on the sources it comes from, does it make sense, and the provability of these facts. We want to make sure our listeners know both side in order for them to make the best decision for themselves.
    • Just a reminder. This is a family show, mind our manners or the host will remove you from the show without warning.
      • No Cussing
      • No racial slurs
      • No Threat of any kind



Here is a pic of just one of the true 21st century patriots...

What have YOU done for your country or community????