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Common Sense Preparedness (Tim Howard) a show about how to prepare for disasters and what to expect during a disaster. Tim Howard has been in the Disaster Preparedness field since 1985. A Chemical / Biological / Nuclear Warfare instructor from the US Air Force, Mr. Howard received a Top Secret Clearance and worked with NSA on classified projects and Nuclear Alert planes (B52s) during the Cold War and as a Chemical / Biological NCO during Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

During the 911 attacks Mr. Howard was once again call to duty for the United States Government to help create the US Department of Homeland Security for Immigration, Custom and Enforcement (ICE) and he also became a Firefighter. Mr. Howard also Became a Area Safety Manager for US Border Patrol and was elected in 2004 to be the Chairman of the Arizona Federal OSHA Health and Safety Council. After Beginning Common Sense Preparedness, Tim has been invited and has giving lectures based on his experiences as a Red Cross instructor and National Safety Council (NSC) instructor to deliver speeches at the 2012 Survivalist Convention (Las Vegas),   Arizona Survivalist Expos( Phoenix and Tucson), and he has attended 911 ceremonies in New Jersey and the Ron Paul Convention.

Currently Mr. Howard will make appearances at the 2013 Preppers convention (Los Angeles), 2013 Emergency Preparedness Expert Panel (Dallas, TX.), that will be on the Glenn Beck Show and Hurricane Sandy Recovery Lectures throughout New Jersey and New York.