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If you cut yourself during food preparation, infection is your worst enemy, because uncooked food is covered in bacteria.


If the bleeding is squirting, you have cut an artery you must apply direct pressure immediately and call 911.

If the blood is oozing from the cut, Wash with soap and water. Nothing works better than soap and warm water when cleaning out a cut. If the victim feels weak or dizzy, call 911 and treat for shock.

If the cut is jagged or dose not close together or see soft tissue below the skin, the victim might need stitches take them to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Some safety Tips

  • Unplug the food processor when loading, emptying or changing blades.
  • Keep knives sharp. Dull knives require too much force to operate; they can slip and cause cuts.
  • Use the right knife for the job.
  • When cutting, slice down and away from your hand and body.
  • Keep your fingers and thumbs out of the cutting line.
  • Carry knives with the cutting edge angled slightly away from your body and the tip pointed down.
  • If you hand a knife to someone, make sure, make sure you hand it to them with the handle first.
  • Don't place knives near the edge of a countertop.
  • Focus on the job at hand and do not become distracted while using a knife.
  • If you drop something, let it fall. Don’t try to catch falling knives or glassware


Kitchen Safety

  • Prevent slip, trips and falls by monitoring the kitchen at all times
  • Dress for cooking with safety in mind. Choose low-heeled, secure shoes with a non-skid sole and an enclosed toe.
  • Don't rush; take short steps.
  • Pick up trash and food scraps that fall to the floor, and wipe up spills promptly.
  • Be alert for potential collisions with others, especially at doorways and around the stove.
  • When passing someone who may not see you, let them know you are by them by saying something to catch their attention.
  • The kitchen can get extremely hot, so beware of heat illness. Drink plenty of water and make sure you take an occasional break out of the area.