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In order to help prevent pediatric deaths USA Emergency Broadcasting Network would like to give some common sense ideas to try and help parents identify and prevent the common cold / flu in children.


Last year over 100 children died from the flu and currently we are approaching 30. So please spread this information to all you know and let's do our parts to decrease this number.


A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.

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Infants and the flu


Babies usually get sick 3-8 times a year within their first three years of life. A child is at higher risk of getting sick even more times if they are going to daycare or a babysitter with multiple children.


Symptoms of the common cold

  1. Runny nose
  1. Sore throat
  1. Coughing
  1. Low grade fever


The flu has the same symptoms as the common cold but might also include

  1. Diarrhea
  1. Vomiting


If the baby has the cold or flu, here is what you can do

  1. Clear your baby's nose with a sucker bulb. Make sure you clean this bulb on a regular basis or purchase a new one ever months.
  1. Put a cold mist humidifier in the child's room
  2. Offer extra fluids to the baby, especially if the baby has a fever
  3. Give the baby medication to lower a fever, but only after you have consulted the baby's doctor
  4. Look for decrease feeding or urination. This is a sign of dehydration and can be very dangerous.
  5. Look for persistent symptoms


Baby flus usually last 5 to 10 days, if they last longer then seek medical advice.

If your baby is under three months old and running a fever of over 100 degrees seek medical advice right away.