EMS News

  1. The National Governor’s Association (NGA) is inviting thoughtful state healthcare policy and EMS leaders who work closely with them to a meeting on improving capacity for healthcare service delivery—and EMS is on the agenda.

  2. Video highlights actions by Orangeburg County EMS crew and deputy in 2018 call.

  3. Survivor describes fatal crash on Interstate 95.

  4. This is the second time in which a Polk County Fire Rescue employee has resigned over social media issues.

  5. A charter bus traveling to Florida overturned on a I-95 exit near Kingwood, Virginia.

  6. Shaken paramedics had to step over the bodies of victims in a desperate bid save other lives.

  7. EMSA rig out of service at the end of the police chase.

  8. St. Charles County Ambulance District converts bus to prepare for MCI’s.

  9. Authorities immediately raised the terror alert for the area to the maximum level.

  10. The blast reverberated through storm drains and sent manhole covers into the air.

  11. EMT Arroyo was killed when a man ran over her with her own ambulance.

  12. Houses of worship around the world, a place of reflection and peace, have been targeted for attack by extremists.

  13. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden describes shooting as a “terrorist attack.”

  14. A recent NAEMT/Sepsis Alliance national survey of over 1,300 EMS providers found that although nearly all respondents (98%) consider sepsis a medical emergency, only about half (51%) feel very confident in their ability to recognize symptoms of sepsis.

  15. Reno partners with drone company to deliver AEDs to Washoe County residents.

  16. The annual EMS Strong campaign provides opportunities to recognize the EMS community, enhance and strengthen the profession on a national level and expand and celebrate National EMS Week, May 19-25, 2019.

  17. Police officer and another man rescued the passengers from the crash.

  18. Recordings of several 911 calls made after a series of deadly package bombings in Austin last year.

  19. A broken leg was among the several injuries on the flight from Istanbul to New York.

  20. Two young men wearing hoods and carrying guns, knives and crossbows opened fire at a school in southern Brazil.

  21. Hoover was celebrating a family member’s birthday at the beach when he noticed a lifeguard pulling a young girl from the water at a water park and rushed over to assist.

  22. Frantic rescue efforts were underway in Nigeria on Wednesday after a three-story school building collapsed while classes were in session, with scores of children thought to be inside.

  23. The bill is in response to a statewide shortage of trained personnel for ambulances in rural areas.

  24. Brooksville Fire Rescue begins training to improve response times and EMS.

  25. Patient somehow got behind the wheel of the AMR ambulance and led police on a chase.

  26. He would place an automated call to 911, shoot at the first responders upon arrival, insert himself as a witness and implicate his juvenile nephew.

  27. Three employees of an Ohio Little Caesars are being hailed as heroes, credited with helping save a co-worker's life.

  28. A 6-year-old Oregon boy contracted tetanus in 2017 -- the state's first pediatric case in over 30 years, according to a report released Friday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  29. Paramedic and firefighter Brandon Bolyard was born with a rare heart defect affecting fewer than 20,000 people a year.

  30. Sheet of ice broke loose and left nearly four dozen fishermen stranded.

  31. Help the AAA shine a light on the critical role EMS plays in our healthcare infrastructure by nominating the heroes from your service.

  32. San Diego Fire Rescue Lifeguard division makes history with recent promotion.

  33. Policy calls for blood and other bodily fluids to be flushed down sewer drains.

  34. In addition to green technology each ambulance is equipped with 4-wheel drive capability.

  35. At least 19 students injured in crash with garbage truck near Aurora.

  36. 23 killed in deadliest tornado in nearly six years.

  37. A staff member did unseal the bag sent to an office building on Heathrow's grounds, "causing the device to initiate," the police department said.

  38. As many as 10 left East Haddam Ambulance since the start of the year.

  39. Bus driver failed to stop in time before hitting a broken-down truck.

  40. Crews searching door-to-door used dogs as well as drones that can detect heat from a body.

  41. EMS Director Emily Nichols told WVUE-TV that three of the five people brought to the hospital were in critical condition.

  42. A tornado roared into southeast Alabama and killed at least 23 people and injured several others Sunday.

  43. Paramedic chief says department needed more than five more ambulances.

  44. Rusted-out Packard was found at a Pennsylvania car show.

  45. The death toll has risen to eight and 20 have been rescued, local disaster official Abdul Muin Paputungan said Friday. About three dozen people are still believed trapped.

  46. The point of the one-year program is to keep patients out of the emergency rooms, and cut down on overcrowding.

  47. Russian River reached its highest point in over 20 years.

  48. Highlights from the closed, invitation-only retreat attended by 70 medical directors from the most-populated metropolitan EMS systems in the U.S. and around the world.

  49. Unlocked doors noticed in recent attack on Portland medics.

  50. 25 people dead after train slammed into barrier at main station.