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  1. The ambulance manufacturer will have two ambulances on display at the annual EMS leadership conference and exhibition.

  2. The National Registry of EMTs (National Registry) and the Commission on Accreditation For Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) recently announced a partnership that allows EMS personnel to import CAPCE-approved continuing education course records directly into their National Registry account.

  3. Surveillance video shot July Fourth shows the woman ignoring the barrier and red flashing lights.

  4. A self-described beachcomber says it was her luckiest find yet: A woman who survived a 250-foot car plunge off a cliff and a week stranded on a remote California beach.

  5. A woman in her 20s was transported to Honolulu in serious condition with a broken thigh bone. The other 22 people injured were treated for minor burns and scrapes, including 12 who were treated at a hospital in Hilo.

  6. Medic-CE makes it simple and convenient for Florida firefighters to earn their continuing education credits with engaging, self-paced training courses.

  7. A group of about 50 EMS officials will gather at Drexel University to develop a system-level checklist designed to better protect firefighters and paramedics. Fire Departments in Philadelphia, Chicago and San Diego will be the first to implement it later this year.

  8. The National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) throws their support behind the FDA's new Drug Shortages Task Force, which is aimed at alleviating nationwide shortages of life-saving drugs.

  9. The incident happened Thursday in Woodlawn. Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore Primary category in which blog post is published These are selected by the writer and confirmed by the editor Sources Cited - + As a news piece, this article cites verifiable, third-party sources which have all been thoroughly fact-checked and deemed credible by the Newsroom in accordance with the Civil Constitution.

  10. Three Paramedics Plus members returning from a call when they came across a vehicle collision with an occupant in a vehicle that was rapidly being engulfed in fire.  

  11. As is the case with any ambulance fleet that travels 2.8 million miles per year, vehicle issues have occurred in the field; A retrospective review of cases where vehicle issues have occurred in the field evidenced that none had a negative impact on patient care.

  12. The U.S. Department of Transportation has appointed 24 leaders from EMS, healthcare, and other stakeholder communities to serve on the National EMS Advisory Council (NEMSAC). 

  13. SUNRISE, Fla. (AP) — In the crucial first minutes after a gunman began shooting students and staff at a Florida high school, law enforcement's response was hampered by quirks in the local 911 system that caused many calls from inside the school to be transferred, the chairman of a commission investigating the massacre said.

  14. DELRAN - State regulators have shut down the Delran Emergency Squad, saying its chief lacks an EMT certification and has tried to thwart an investigation. "You may not, under any circumstances, operate as a BLS (basic life support) service provider," Scot Phelps, New Jersey's paramedic director, said in a letter announcing the squad's summary suspension.

  15. A photo showing a Pinellas County (FL) paramedic looking over a three-year-old girl after she was saved from a near-drowning incident has gone viral on social media.

  16. AMESBURY, England (AP) — British officials investigating a second poisoning case with the nerve agent Novichok in southwest England said Thursday they suspect the victims were not directly targeted but sickened as a result of the March attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter.

  17. An FBI study examined different factors in the lives of 63 active shooters who committed their crimes between 2000 and 2013 and determined they exhibit an average of four to five warning behaviors to those they know before they attack.

  18. Police body camera videos released Wednesday show the chaos and confusion Las Vegas police officers and first responders faced at a mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip as waves of wounded and fleeing concert-goers sought help.

  19. Apple is trying to drag the U.S.'s antiquated system for handling 911 calls into the 21st century.

  20. Researchers concluded that "the Warrior provides the best warming performance at high infusion rates, as well as low input temperatures, and was able to warm the largest volumes in these conditions."

  21. The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada and their colleagues from across the country gathered in Edmonton, Alberta, June 13-15 to set the stage for the future direction of paramedic systems in Canada.


  22. Teams arrived at this year's EMS Asia conference location in Davao City, Philippines, from across the Asian continent to participate in a clinical competition that tests each team's ability to handle a variety of patients and conditions often encountered in the prehosptial setting.

  23. Two roller coaster riders fell 34 feet (10 meters) when their car derailed and was left dangling from the track, and firefighters used ladders to pull eight others to safety high above the Daytona Beach Boardwalk.

  24. JEMS will be discontinued in its traditional monthly magazine format, effective with the June 2018 issue. To better serve the dynamic EMS industry, JEMS will focus soley on our web platform, mobile technology and other modern distribution platforms.

  25. Paramedics continued to try to revive the girl as they rushed her to the hospital, said Capt. Tony Bommarito of the Orange County Fire Authority, which released the 911 call.


  26. The latest version of the Pulsara Platform includes real-time consultation between specialists, transfer functionality, and streaming video. With these added features, Pulsara is continuing down the path of helping partners improve patient outcomes and minimize medical errors due to miscommunication.

  27. The Puerto Rican government says it believes more than 64 people died as a result of the storm but it will not raise its official toll until George Washington University completes a study of the data being carried out on behalf of the U.S. territory.

  28. Shoals Ambulance today announced that Tommy Widmer has joined the company as general manager of Alabama overseeing operations in Northwest Alabama and the greater Birmingham area.

  29. "Strong progress" has been made in calming Congo's deadly Ebola outbreak in a city of 1.2 million and in the rural outpost where the epidemic was declared one month ago, the World Health Organization said Friday, but now the focus turns to "some of the most remote territory on Earth."

  30. Flu killed more U.S. children in the past year than during any other regular flu season in recent history.

  31. One type of superbug bacteria is increasingly spreading among people who inject drugs, according to a new government report.

  32. UnitedHealthcare is working with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and local care providers to confront the opioid epidemic by donating 10,000 opioid disposal kits to the Montgomery County Opiate Taskforce and Kettering Medical Center.

  33. Guatemala's national disaster agency on Thursday suspended search and rescue efforts at the zone devastated by the eruption of the Volcano of Fire, saying climatic conditions and still-hot volcanic material makes it dangerous for the rescuers.

  34. Demers Ambulances, a North American leader in ambulance manufacturing, has launched a new online parts catalog. 

  35. Public safety industry leader expands consulting firm’s reach and expertise.

  36. Screams and pleas for help, descriptions of people falling amid rapid gunfire, and breathless questions about what to do next emerged Wednesday in 911 audio made public by Las Vegas police eight months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

  37. The Virginia State Police has led the way in preparation for managing emergency situations requiring patient evacuation. The ability to rapidly move patients to safety and medical care during the first minutes following an emergency will save lives.

  38. Pulsara among 30 innovative new products for emergency medical services and prehospital care.

  39. At PSCR’s annual public safety broadband stakeholder meeting in San Diego, FirstNet Board Chair Sue Swenson highlighted 12 key differentiators of FirstNet – public safety’s dedicated network. She also remarked on the milestones met and the work ahead for deploying the nationwide public safety broadband network.

  40. People of the villages skirting Guatemala's Volcano of Fire have begun mourning the few dead who could be identified after an eruption killed dozens by engulfing them in floods of searing ash and mud.

  41. Rescuers on Monday pulled at least 10 people alive from ash drifts and mud flows that poured down the slopes of Guatemala's erupting Volcano of Fire, but officials said at least 33 people were dead and the toll was expected to rise.

  42. Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging and advanced portable lighting systems, has appointed Chris Powell as Corporate Controller to manage global financial operations.

  43. The collaboration will allow EMS and Fire agencies to achieve new levels of data sharing with their local hospital networks to create a “plug-and-play” solution for exchanging EMS-based electronic patient care record (ePCR) data with electronic health records in hospitals, clinics and other care facilities.

  44. In the past four years, Guardian Flight Alaska and Alaska Regional LifeFlight swiftly transported nearly 10,000 critically ill patients to local hospitals.

  45. New guidelines released Wednesday recommend U.S. adults start colon cancer screening earlier, at age 45 instead of 50.

  46. A pathway flanked by six stones meant to symbolize strength and determination will be added to the Sept. 11 memorial site in lower Manhattan to honor the rescue and recovery workers who toiled for months at ground zero, officials announced Wednesday in unveiling the design concept.

  47. Parent Heart Watch and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation have joined forces to urge the public to learn CPR and how to use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to help save lives threatened by sudden cardiac arrest. The co-sponsored Call-Push-Shock campaign is being launched to coincide with National CPR and AED Awareness Week June 1-7, a national observance designated by Congress in 2007.