EMS News

  1. Yadira Arroyo was run over by her own ambulance while trying to stop thief.

  2. Citizen sends photo of Beaumont ambulance to news station.

  3. Petition calls out low morale, fatigue, and other issues.

  4. Two people who were pulled from the snow after a roughly 20-minute rescue effort.

  5. The defense ministry said 10 people were killed and another 66 injured.

  6. The operation to rescue Julen Rosello from the shaft has gripped Spain since he fell into it Sunday.

  7. Videos capture the scene at the University of Lyon.

  8. Jim Richardson still has the same passion and dedication for helping people as he did when he began his career in EMS in 1986.

  9. MEMS EMT Paul Sanchez was hurt December 6th when a car hit the ambulance he was driving head-on on I-40. 

  10. Pre-dawn magnitude 6.7 quake killed dozens.

  11. 20 people were killed in the crash in Schoharie.

  12. "Do not remove the tourniquet, let the paramedics handle it,"

  13. Restaurant owner’s wife was trapped in the wreckage.

  14. Fire at Hasbro Children’s Hospital is quickly extinguished.

  15. Rescuers are working against the clock.

  16. Details made public in a case brought by Massachusetts Attorney General.

  17. “Acute” avalanche risk for villagers of Raiten.

  18. Three wounded in Ector County shooting.

  19. Medic-CE, a leading provider of accredited, online continuing education for fire and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Clarion UX Fire & Rescue Group that will more easily allow firefighters and other EMS professionals meet their continuing education requirements. 

  20. US Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River.

  21. Top floors of the building had collapsed onto apartments below.

  22. Police identified the officer who was fatally shot as Sgt. Wytasha Carter.

  23. Crash is the largest aviation disaster for the country.

  24. Hundreds evacuated from mall in Murray.

  25. Victims ranged in age from 18 to 41 years old.

  26. Rescuers were searching for a missing woman living in the building where the bakery was located.

  27. Two firefighters and a Spanish tourist were killed in the blast.

  28. A mining truck crashed into the minibus.

  29. People were collecting fuel leaking from the tanker before the explosion.

  30. Small plane crashed east of Berlin.

  31. Double-decker city bus crashed into a transit shelter during rush hour.

  32. During the opening keynote at the annual meeting of the National Association of EMS Physicians, the nation's first Director of Homeland Securrity, Tom Ridge, thanked the team that resuscitated him following a cardiac arrest, as well as praised EMS personnel for their key role and contributions as first responders.

  33. Whistleblower revealed details in crash that killed one person and injured several others.

  34. Some federal employees furloughed may be recalled to start examining a limousine in New York crash.

  35. $13.9 billion in emergency funds could be diverted towards border wall construction.

  36. Explosion happened in the production area of the Oxford plant.

  37. Long waits and diversions after North Knoxville hospital closes.

  38. Several foreign diplomatic missions were evacuated in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Canberra on Wednesday after they received packages containing suspicious substances.

  39. Oklahoma City Police release video at attack at hospital. One paramedic was bit during the scuffle.

  40. Source of Sarasota 911 call is also being investigated.

  41. Police helicopter performs a hoist rescue on side of mountain.

  42. Three dead in train collision in Johannesburg.

  43. Two EMTs are among seven people injured in multi-vehicle crash on I-264.

  44. Three to five shots were fired, striking a Sarasota ambulance after paramedics had responded to a call.

  45. In an update to media outlets, city officials said Adam Cain is awake, alert and now breathing on his own.

  46. The SUV caught fire and all five occupants of that vehicle died, along with the pickup's driver.

  47. FDNY probationary firefighter falls over 50 feet through a gap in the roadway while helping at a car accident.

  48. Five children among the seven dead in crash outside Gainesville.

  49. Five teenagers were killed in the fire in Koszalin while celebrating a birthday.

  50. A late-night fight at a California bowling alley turned deadly Friday night, killing three men and injuring four.