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Knowledge is power! Money is power! However Knowledge over Money equals Power Squared!


USAEBN's Financial Preparedness Show will help you gain the needed knowledge over money with some common sense preparedness ideas on how to prepare you personal finances to handle any stormy weather coming our way.



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The USAEBN Lighthouse Financial Briefing is the place where you can keep informed about all the latest events that effect our economic systems.  This report will include reports from federal government, Dow Jones, banks and others. We receive information from both government and non-government sources and report to you what is deemed to affect your personal family preparedness plans.


USAEBN Lighthouse will monitor these incidents and report any significant changes to you on our Lighthouse Briefing Room, and our digital broadcasting network / social media outlets.


During any type of disaster, relief organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA will not be able to get to you for a few days, so it is up to the individual to prepare for his family during times of crises. The need to educate the public on the basic of Disaster Preparedness is critical. It is not up to the government alone to provide this information, but local communities and business must step up to the plate and help educate the local populace. USAEBN is a civilian based disaster readiness group, doing our part to enhance preparedness, by utilizing social media, digital broadcasting and online training in order to assist you in preparing you, your family and your community for the next disaster.



Disaster Preparedness is as Simple as A-B-C .

A - Always be informed by listening to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.

B - Build a Disaster Kit ; USAEBN Marketplace has the equipment that you need.

C- Create a Family Emergency Plan; Attend training offered by USAEBN Prep Academy.

The USA EBN mobile application can be downloaded for free, either at the Google play store or the Apple Store, using the code word USA EBN 

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Now let's talk a little about Automobile Financing.

Most car buyers today need some form of financing to purchase a new vehicle. Many use direct lending, that is, a loan from a finance company, bank, or credit union. In direct lending, a buyer agrees to pay the amount financed, plus an agreed-upon finance charge, over a specified period. Once a buyer and a vehicle dealership enter into a contract to purchase a vehicle, the buyer uses the loan proceeds from the direct lender to pay the dealership for the vehicle.

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vehicle safety features1


Let's take a minute or two and talk about how to choose a safe vehicle to purchase.

Now a days, big corporations, will cut corners in order to make bigger profits, and some of those corners include vehicle safety. Just look at the headlines, about recall after recall, and it is not, just one company, but it seems to be all of them.

In a nut shell, their profits come before the consumers safety. So with that being a fact of life in the 21st century, we as consumers must educate ourselves for our own safety. When the big corporations begin to lose our hard earned money for safety concerns, then maybe they will start to place their customers first again.

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Car Buying.

Let me take a minute and talk about how to purchase a car, the right way, and where to file complaints, if needed.