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  1. MERS -- Saudi Arabia
    Date of report: 3 Oct 2018
    Case No. 18 - 1756
    MERS in Afeef city: 22 year old male in Afeef city, Riyadh region
    Contact with camels: no
    Case classification: secondary, household contact
    Current status: home-isolated
    communicated by:

    [This is the 1st MERS-CoV laboratory confirmed infection reported since the last ProMED-mail update on 29 Sep 2018. One suspects that this individual either had a mild infection or was asymptomatic and detected during testing of known
  2. St. Louis Encephalitis -- United States
    A San Fernando Valley resident has contracted a mosquitoborne illness that hasn't been recorded in Los Angeles County since 1997, health officials said on Monday [1 Oct 2018]. The elderly woman became ill with St Louis encephalitis in late August 2018, the LA County Department of Public Health said.
    St Louis encephalitis, a rare disease similar to West Nile virus, is transmitted through mosquito bites and can cause brain inflammation, paralysis and sometimes death. In the US in 2017, 6
  3. Poisoning -- United States
    [This is a partial article as the remainder of the article is what was posted on ProMED-mail yesterday: Ricin, envelopes - USA: (DC) - Mod TG]
    According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]: "It would take a deliberate act to make ricin and use it to poison people." The federal agency said it can be manufactured into a weapon in the form of a powder, mist or pellet.
    [In Houston, Texas]
    On [Tue 2Oct 2018], 2 people at
  4. Salmonella -- United States
    Since the last update on [10 Sep 2018], 24 ill people have been added to this investigation.
    As of 1 Oct 2018, 38 people infected with the outbreak strain of _Salmonella [enterica_ serotype] Enteritidis have been reported from 7 states.
    State / Ill people
    Alabama / 7
    Colorado / 1
    Iowa / 1
    Kentucky / 1
    Ohio / 4
    Montana / 1
    Tennessee / 23
    Total / 38
    Illnesses started on dates ranging from [17 Jun 2018] to [16 Aug 2018]. Ill people range in age from 1 year to
  5. Animal Die-off -- United States
    Last month [September 2018], the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared an Unusual Mortality Event (UME) for pinnipeds. Pinnipeds are a group of aquatic mammals that include seals, which are the species affected by this recent UME.
    Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, a UME is defined as a "stranding event that is unexpected, involves a significant die-off of any marine mammal population and demands immediate response". Over the last few months, the number of
  6. Anthrax -- Ukraine

    A 2 week quarantine [has been] announced in the village of Minyalivka in Odessa region's Saratskyi district, where an outbreak of anthrax has been recorded. The State Emergencies Service and the police set up 6 checkpoints there. Sanitary services are carrying out disinfection in the village. Anthrax infection has been confirmed in one person among 5 local residents
  7. Hepatitis A -- Chile
    A 140% increase has occurred in 2018 in cases of hepatitis A, in the area that includes the regions of Bio Bio and Nuble, compared to the same date of 2017. In fact, in 2018, 779 cases have been reported, worrying figures for the authorities due to the increase registered since the start of the outbreak of the disease in 2013. According to the health secretary in Bio Bio, Erick Jimenez, the causes could be associated with the consumption of non-potable water, incorrect handwashing, and lack of
  8. Cholera -- Yemen
    Yemen's cholera outbreak is accelerating again, with roughly 10 000 suspected cases now reported per week, according to the latest data from WHO. That is double the average rate for the 1st 8 months of 2018, when 154 527 suspected cases of cholera were recorded across the country, with 196 deaths.
    WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic said 185 160 suspected cholera cases were reported into September 2018. Some 1.8 million Yemeni children are malnourished, making them more vulnerable to disease,
  9. Rabies -- Vietnam
    Human rabies deaths have been directly linked to involvement in the slaughtering, butchery, handling, and even consumption of meat from infected dogs. More than 80 animal charities from across Asia and the rest of the world have signed an open letter to global governments to take action to end the dog meat trade as a way to tackle the deadly disease.
    Professor Louis Nel of Global Alliance for Rabies Control says: "We may not be able to easily change culture or habit, but we should ensure
  10. Ebola -- DR Congo
    Contrary to what has been reported in some media, the 2 Congolese nationals who arrived in Uganda where they are being followed by the national health authorities did not participate in the burial of a confirmed case of Ebola in Kasenyi [Ituri]. The response teams investigated the funeral in which the 2 Congolese nationals had participated. There was no connection to the Ebola outbreak and the clinical picture of the deceased person did not match that of Ebola virus disease. Thus, they have
  11. Avian Influenza H5N6 -- China
    The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) today (30 Sep 2018) received notification of an additional human case of avian influenza A(H5N6) in Guangdong from the National Health Commission, and again urged the public to maintain strict personal, food and environmental hygiene both locally and during travel.
    The case involved a 22 year old man from Guangzhou in Guangdong. He developed symptoms on 25 Sep 2018 and was hospitalised on the next day. He is now in a
  12. Foot and Mouth -- Colombia
    Information received on 1 Oct 2018 from Dra Deyanira Barrero Leon, gerente general, Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA), Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, BOGOTA, Colombia
    Report type: immediate notification
    Date of start of the event: 17 Sep 2018
    Date of confirmation of the event: 29 Sep 2018
    Reason for notification: reoccurrence of a listed disease
    Date of previous occurrence: August 2017
    Manifestation of disease: clinical disease
    Causal agent: foot and
  13. West Nile Virus -- United States
    The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has 3 more equine cases of West Nile virus (WNV) [infection], according to the Equine Disease Communications Center (EDCC), which says this brings the total to 12 cases in 2018 in New York.
    On 18 Sep 2018 a 17 year old mare from Mayville, New York (Chautauqua county) was unsteady on her feet, which progressed over a few days' time. The mare was unvaccinated and was euthanized on 20 Sep 2018.
    On 19 Sep 2018, a 25 year old,
  14. Poisoning -- United States
    Two pieces of mail delivered to the Pentagon mail facility on Monday [1 Oct 2018] have initially tested positive for ricin, according to a US defense official. The 2 suspicious envelopes were addressed to secretary of defense James Mattis and to chief of naval operations, Admiral John Richardson, the official told CNN.
    The mail facility is in a separate building on the grounds of the Pentagon, and the piece of mail which tested positive never entered the Pentagon building. All US Postal
  15. African Swine Fever -- Belgium
    Since [13 Sep 2018], 28 cases of African swine fever [ASF] have been detected in wild boars found dead in the Etalle region, in the province of Luxembourg.
    Coordinated actions between different agencies are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus at the level of wildlife and hog farms. The competences are indeed divided between the regions for all the wildlife and the FASFC for all that concerns domestic pigs.
    Under a mutual agreement between the AFSCA and the Walloon Region, an
  16. Undiagnosed -- India
    Seven more Asiatic lions rescued from Gir national park forest, near Gujarat's Junagarh, have died due to a mysterious illness. They were undergoing treatment for a deadly virus attack at a rescue centre. A total of 21 lions have died so far in Dalkhania range's Sarasiya in Gir forest since [12 Sep 2018], the state government said.
    Talking to ANI [Asian News International], the chief conservator of forest (wildlife) Junagarh said, "No lions were found dead in any other area. We have rescued