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Property Preparation

Doing basic maintenance and having necessary items will reduce the damage of your home in the event of a hurricane. Insurance is also a great protective measure that is available to you.

  • Flood Insurance.
  • Have the equipment needed to secure property in the home such as bungee cords and rope.
  • Identify potential hazardous areas which will cause the most damage and take preventative measures.
  • Have boards for covering windows.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed
  • Know how to reinforce garage doors and have the necessary equipment to do so.
  • Keep rain gutters clear
  • Know how to turn off utilities


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hurricane season signHurricanes are Mother Nature’s most severe storms. High winds, clouds and rain move around the calm center of the hurricane, referred to as the “eye of the hurricane”.

Surrounding the “eye of the hurricane” is the strongest winds of the hurricane. These winds are known as the Eye wall. These winds swirl around the eye in a counter-clockwise motion at speeds anywhere from 74 to 200 MPH. In the summer and late fall, the air over the ocean warms up considerably, picks up moisture and begins to move in a circular motion, forming a tropical depression. If the wind speed accelerates above 39 mph, then it is classified has a Tropical Storm and is giving a name. When the wind reaches 74 mph, then the storm becomes a hurricane.