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Prepare Your Home for winter

Every year, it is predicable that the outside temps will drop and the cold north wind will blow. Most people are unprepared for the winter and most homes are also not prepared to keep the coldness out. The problem here is that because of this short sightless many people die. The elderly and the babies are the most susceptible.  Pneumonia and influenza are the leading cause of death during the winter time. You also have to be prepared for Frost bite and hypothermia. One last thing you must keep in mind while you prepare for the winter season, is that it is a very strong possibility that a winter storm might cause power outages and you will have to survive in your home for long periods of time, with no communications or power.

USAEBN recommend that you prepare for 10 days. In almost all situations, by the 10th day you have a sound grip on your situation and are ready to progress on any matter that you need to do, like evacuate to a shelter or a friend's house, etc.

Although periods of extreme cold cannot always be predicted far in advance, weather forecasts can sometimes provide you with several days’ notice. Listen to weather forecasts regularly, and check your emergency supplies whenever a period of extreme cold is predicted. Prepare for extremely cold weather every winter—it’s always a possibility. There are steps you can take in advance for greater wintertime safety in your home.

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Looks like old man winter, is casting his ownership of the weather, and using artic winds, and snow storms to remind us that, this is indeed the winter season.

Wintertime brings with it snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights and sledging.

  • It also brings with it death to elders, babies, both inside and outside the house.
  • Wintertime is far worst then summertime, because in the summer the sun burns and makes you react. You must act, in order for the burning sensation to stop.
  • However extreme cold takes away your will to survive!!!
  • Only 4 degrees separates us from life and death.