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Last Easter I made the mistake of bringing my daughter to Tractor Supply the week before Easter. We ended up coming home with 6 little balls of fluff. The store had Black Australorps and white Leghorns (the kind on the Corn Flake box) so we took 3 and 3 because you had to buy a dozen.

I wasn't prepared for these little guys at home so we quickly scrambled to create a chick home in my guest room. We had one of those large tupperware bins and added some pine shavings which we always have on hand because we have goats and we had a clip heating lamp from when we needed it for the goat babies and we bought the little chick feeding dish and waterer. They stayed in their makeshift home until we were able to predator proof the chicken coop which was left for us when we bought the house. Mine is on the ground but if you're starting from scratch it's best to get a raised chicken coop and you can fence it in to protect from predators which could be the neighborhood cat or dog. For me, I live on a mountaintop so my predators are bobcats, mountain lions and snakes.