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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is pleased to announce the creation of a collection of short informational segments on diffrent Disaster Preparedness Topics. These briefings will be called Preparedness Briefings.


These short subjects will be recorded by staff members and plyed at random times throughout the network.These Preparedness Breifings will be devloped based on our PAR system (Preparedness, Action Plan and Recovery).

Listeners will enjoy these short packages because the wil be repeated throughout the day and will be sensitive to current events. 

These Preparedness Briefings have been playing on the network for some time, as a "beta run" and the response to these briefings have been overwhelming! So we have decided to make these briefings available to media outlets accross the nation as a part of the Community Readiness Outreach Program. 

 Currently these PB are being downloaded by three terestrial radio stations and two internet radio networks.


You can view the available briefings here