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Annual Risk Management Client

USAEBN SafetyNet Occupational Safety and Health representatives provides expert guidance and technical assistance on the administration of a broad range of safety and occupational health programs, to include Federal, state and professional organization regulations and standards.


  • Perform frequent audits of all work areas and provide safety mitigation recommendation in response to all identified deficiencies and requests for safety assistance.
  • Conduct Annual safety audit of all facilities and jobsites, as required for compliance with regulatory standards
  • Prepare Monthly safety reports for Senior Management.
  • Provides management with expert and technical advice on responding to employee allegations of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions, OSHA investigations of reported hazardous conditions or unsafe work practices, union grievances and unfair practices related to occupational safety and health.
  • Conduct staff safety briefings to reinforce safety policies
  • Research and answer all safety questions and concerns.
  • Resolve all safety issues as needed that arise from customers, employees, and company managers.
  • Develop and implement safety program elements, as needed, to comply with customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Perform comprehensive, in-depth root cause analyses of all injury and loss incidents, identify all risk factors, develop and recommend mitigation measures to prevent recurrence, and follow up to ensure long-term resolution.
  • Conduct safety training, testing and record keeping for all employees (via online training and in-person training when required)
  • Coordinate with company management team and customer agencies to ensure all safety requirements are identified, communicated to employees.
  • Manage the acquiring, and distributing all safety equipment, and supplies. Detail reports to Senior Management will be distributed on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for injury case management; coordination with insurance representatives and vendors
  • Participate in pre and post audits for new construction or acquired facilities
  • Assist in the development of new Health and Safety Policies, as required by regulatory requirements.
  • Manage and maintain hazardous material SDS and Hazardous Communication program
  • Ensure all OSHA posting are in compliance per industrial standards.
  • Create and / or maintains Emergency COOP (Continuation of Operations) plans.
  • Manage and inspect your fire safety program to include inspection of fire extinguishers.
  • Conduct drills and simulation as required by law.
  • Monitor and compliance of Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.
  • Compliance monitoring activities under the Clean Water Act. Compliance for Safe Drinking Water as it applies to public drinking water from public sources
  • Monitoring of contagious diseases as it affects your company.
  • Investigates and assist in resolving safety and occupational health problems which encompass a wide variety of occupations in commercial type operations, in hazardous environments, and in other inherently dangerous law enforcement environments to your operations. Weighs the hazards of a particular job and /or environment against known safety and health standards in view of both operation priorities and available alternatives.
  • Provides guidance and technical assistance to Senior Management that will implement Standard Operating Procedures that requires expert knowledge of Commutable Disease that effect CBP employees (i.e. lice, scabies, MRSA) too include air quality issues and other unhealthy conditions that could affect normal operations.
  • Contract is renewed annually.


Price $5,000 per month. Annual Contract Required.