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Accident Investigation

Accident investigations determine how and why failures occur. By using the information gained through an investigation, a similar or perhaps more disastrous accident may be prevented. Accident investigations are conducted with accident prevention in mind. Investigations are not to place blame, they are Root Cause Analysis investigations. Health and safety regulations (29CFR1960.29) require that workplace accidents, and in some jurisdictions, near-miss incidents be investigated and the findings documented. The purpose of this effort is to prevent recurrences of workplace accidents, and thereby reduce workplace injury rates. No workplace accident has a single cause - there are often multiple contributing factors that must be identified and remedied if future workplace accidents are to be prevented


USAEBN SafetyNet will dispatch trained accident investigators to conduct an in-depth root cause analysis of the incident. USAEBN SafetyNet will conduct interviews, audit the scene and determine the root cause of the accident. A full legal report, identifying mitigation measure, will be generated for management. Other invested parties may obtain a copy of the report from USAEBN SafetyNet upon request.


Investigates and analyzes cases of property damage, fatalities, personal injury, hazardous chemical and occupational disease to determine causes and cost. Compiles and analyzes accident and injury statistical data and prepares charts, tables and reports for the use of top management. In management briefs, points out accident and injury trends, identifies root causes and develops remedial measures to prevent and eliminate future accidents and injuries.


Price $3,000 per incident (Included in Risk Management Plan)