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“In partnership with USAEBN, ZetaTalk and  the Zeta Report will be discussing the challenges of living on a planet beset with change – rising seas, increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity, weather gone wild, and the worry of what to do in a worst case scenario. We will also inject ZetaTalk prophecy on what is coming next and advice on Readiness Plans and Safe Locations. Whenever ZetaTalk is quoted, please remember that prophecy is not FACT, it is opinion. It only becomes fact when it happens. The Zetas are remarkably accuracy, but have been wrong on occasion. Bear that in mind. For more information on this subject please visit or The Zeta Report on YouTube.”


Zeta Talk is broadcasted daily on the USAEBN Digital Broadcasting Network at 3 am EST. Downloads and on Demand can be found at


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"There's a Difference between Knowing the Path, and Walking the Path."